Mosley Creek Expedition

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Mosley Creek First Descent

Watch an 8 Minute Streaming Movie of an aborted attempt in 2003 (High Speed Internet Required) > ***This clip courtesy of John Grace. Part of the Feature Film, “Amongst It”.

If you were to open an atlas to British Columbia, perhaps the first thing that would catch your eye is an expansive road less wilderness somewhere to the north of Vancouver. Here lies the heart of the Coast Range. Spanning thousands of square miles, this wilderness spans from the Chilcotin Plateau through mountains and glacier ice fields of the grandest stature. Draining the epicenter of these features are three main flows, the Homathko River, Tiedemann Glacier Creek and Mosley Creek. These three meet at a mystical trifluence, whose destination we seek.

John Grace paddling out of the bottom canyon of Mosley Creek. 2003 Scouting Mission.

photo by Tommy Hilleke

The evening autumn sun falls on the Trifluence. The Homathko River on the right and combined flows of Mosley and Tiedemann Creeks.

photo by Tommy Hilleke

The Stats
Location: British Columbia Coast Range
The Rivers: Mosley Creek, into the final gorges of the Homathko River
Start Point: White Saddle Air, Tatla Lake, BC

End Point: Homathko Camp, Bute Inlet, BC

Crux: 15 Miles of un run whitewater on Mosley Creek. Most notably the final seven miles, two of which drop into the trifluene at a stout 250 vertical feet per mile.
The Team: Pat Keller, Johnnie Kern, Riley Cathcart, John Grace, Tommy Hilleke, Daniel DeLaVergne

Execution: The team has selected early April due to the extremely low winter flows. The temperatures have just started to climb, but still freezing at night keeping the glacial headwaters at bay. We will fly From White Saddle Air with Mike as Heli Pilot. We will drop in at the head of the gorge and get a bird’s eye view of what is in store. We will spend two days solving the problems of Mosley’s Box Canyons and another on the final gorges of the Homathko River (otherwise known as the ‘The Three Acts of Tragedy).

The Homathko River passing through “The Bet”, just below the trifluence with Mosley and Tiedemann Creek.

photo by Tommy Hilleke


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