Mosley Creek Expedition

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

“When Stars Align” sort of

Watch an 8 Minute Streaming Movie of an aborted attempt in 2003 (High Speed Internet Required) ***This clip courtesy of John Grace. Part of the Feature Film, “Amongst It”.

Relief Map of the BC wildlands. Large white mass is Mt. Waddington. Mosley is the drainage just to the leeward slope of Waddington.

Here is a shot of the current visible and IR satellite. The weather channel is calling for the biggest storm of the year to rage through the BC coast on Tuesday night (5th). The water level appears to be holding low and the temperatures will range from -2 to 13 degrees Celsius till Saturday, where overnight lows will drop to -7 Celsius.

The team is preparing to depart from Williams Lake to White Saddle Air this afternoon, where we will fly out in the morning for the heart of Mosley Creek. We hope to survive the trip and return with stories of a successful first descent through embattled conditions and expansive winderness.


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